Key Management Company

Lebanon City Townhomes - Completed in March 2019
American Village & Key Management Company have been managing the properties owned by their investors for 55+ years. We understand that the choice you make of where you live is an important one. Most places you live will be managed by one company, and owned by another. What sets Key Management apart is that we own the properties we manage. This creates a higher vested interest in our tenants and the condition of our properties.

When you rent with Key Management Company, you are establishing a relationship with the owner of that property, not a property management company.

There are many good things that we could say about Key Management Company, but we hope instead of telling you, you will allow us to show you. Give us a call, drop us an email, stop by one of our properties and speak with one of our Resident Managers. We think you will conclude what thousands of our current and former tenants have concluded: it was a good choice, to choose to live at a Key Management Company property.

Recent New Properties: