Key Management Company

About Us

Our History

In 1965, Dale Decker needed a Resident Manager for a 6-plex that he was just about finished building in Monmouth, Oregon. He mentioned this to his Uncle, Irwin Decker. Irwin asked his good friend Keith Fields if his son David Fields would be interested in managing the property for Dale. David was. Five years later in 1970, Dale and David formed Key Management Company to manage the properties that they had built and would build together. And so began a 55+ year partnership between Dale Decker and David Fields. Over the next 20 years, Dale and David would build over 1500 apartment units in cities like: Forest Grove, Junction City, Redmond, Bend, Eugene, Salem, Newberg, Albany, Hood River, The Dalles, Madras and Prineville. Some of those properties have been sold, but many of those units are still owned by Dale and David and managed by Key Management Company.

Our Goals

Dale and David's desire from the beginning was to provide quality and affordable housing to their tenants. They also saw that most of the apartment construction taking place was large complexes, with small bedrooms, 20-30 units per building, and no open space around them. Instead, they built using the "village" concept, building town-houses, with larger rooms, no more than 6-8 units per building, and plenty of space surrounding each. They considered it a responsibility as a builder to build places where they would want to live. In fact, Dale Decker lived at one of the properties from 1970 until he moved to an assisted care facility in 2013. This is the kind of dedication to their tenants that American Village (their parent company) and Key Management Company had to their tenants.

Why choose Key Management Company?

Dale and David understand that the choice you make of where you live is an important one. Most places you choose will be managed by one company, and owned by another. What sets Key Management apart is that we own the properties we manage. This creates a higher vested interest in our tenants and the condition of our properties. When you rent with Key Management Company, you are establishing a relationship with the owner of that property, not a property management company that could lose that property account tomorrow or next week. We care about our tenants because you are staying in properties that we own, and in many cases, properties that we built with our own hands.
Because of this increased care, almost all of our properties have an on-site Resident Manager. This person lives on-site. They live where you do. They have office hours that are convienent for you, not for them. They are accessible, when other property management companies have closed for the day.
There are many other things we could say about Key Management Company, but we hope instead of telling you, you will allow us to show you. Give us a call, drop us an email, stop by one of our properties and speak with one of our Resident Managers. We think you will conclude what thousands of our current and former tenants have concluded: it was a good choice, to choose to live at a Key Management Company property.

Yours for better living,

Andrew D. Fields (son of David Fields)